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Behavioral & Cognitive

Common pet behavioral problems and treatment plans.

Dogs and cats can suffer from a multitude of ailments ranging from severe phobias to aggressions. The first step in controlling these issues is to understand the "what and why" of each situation. Proper diagnosis dispels myths in behavior.

It is common for a pet owner to assume that their pet is just being spiteful when in fact they may have a behavioral problem. At Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic, we strive to help our clients learn the real reasons for their pet's behavior and then find realistic options for a treatment plan.

Behavioral and cognitive evaluations are part of a veterinarian’s skill set today. We evaluate all of your concerns regarding new, unusual behaviors for your pets and can often offer advice, and sometimes medications when indicated, to help you work with your pet to overcome difficult problems. Many senior and geriatric pets can begin to show signs of cognitive dysfunction (senility) that can result in behaviors that many of us have seen in older humans. They can become isolated to distant parts of the house, become anxious at night, and have a myriad of other symptoms.

Medications along with appropriate behavioral and environmental therapy
and modifications have often proven to help bring these pets back to being interactive, integral members of the family.

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